D is for Dandelion

This week's blog article is brought to you by the letter D.  D is for Dandelion!

While my husband has tried all spring & summer to keep dandelions out of our lawn, it is a beauitful deep shade of yellow. 

The Dandelion shade of yellow is a sophisticated and happy shade of yellow.  

You don't need your sunglasses when you are in the same room when done right in interior design.

I love this front door paired with these curtains done by Young House Love.  Bold & happy, but not childish.

Dandelion doesn't have to be the focal point in a room from every angle.  The following room hides the color when you first walk in...

Then Ta Da!

It becomes the focal point - I think it was very clever move on the designers, KWARTET, part.

Lighting fixtures can be traditional & drab, but not so when done in Dandelion!

It can be found in many different style types:

You can also find Dandelion in abundance on my Esty PromoFrenzy Team.  Here are a few items from other team members:

These pillows are by Beckorama

This fantastic necklace is by Tabitha Todd

Here is a ring by one of the team leaders, galla15

When I went to research images for this blog I found this awesome light!  You blow on it and it turns yellow!  So innovated!

Thank you for visiting my blog this week!  If you need any help picking colors for your home or need unique artwork - please e-mail me at jessica@vervecolor.com.


United By Design - Happy Hour Fundraiser

Next week I will feature a color that starts with "D."  

This week I wanted to invite you all to a very special fundraiser happy hour here in St. Louis!

The United by Design Bike MS Team  - a team that I ride for and help run - is hosting it's annual Happy Hour fundraiser at Triumph Grill on Thursday, August 18th, 2011. To raise money, we will be raffling off excellent prizes again from some great local businesses. Raffle tickets are 1/$5 or 3/$10 and can be purchased at the door, in advance from team members - Cash or checks only, checks can be made out to the National MS Society.

The proceeds from the Happy Hour raffle will go towards the team’s fundraising goal for the 2011 Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway (MS 150). Your donation goes directly to the National MS Society and helps fund cutting edge research, professional education, fundraising, and local programming to help people with MS and their families move their lives forward.

To find out more information about the team, the Bike MS ride, how to sponsor us, and how to get involved, please visit the websites below. We look forward to your support!

Triumph Grill
3419 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO

United by Design Bike MS Team Page

Gateway Area Chapter of the National MS Society


C is for Cerise!

Do you know what the color Cerise looks like?  Well if you have bought a box of crayons since 1993, you probably have seen it, but never looked at its name.  Cerise - which means cherry in French - is deep vivid pinkish red according to Wikipedia.  Though purple is my favorite color, this deep pink is a close second!! Let's explore Cerise together though photos!

Cerise was first used in 1845 in a crochet pattern book and then again in The Times in 1858.  In honor of that I found this very cute pink crochet hat on etsy!

This is adorable pink crochet hat is for sale at this etsy shop.

This vintage looking ring is for sale through this etsy shop - one of my promofrenzy team members!

Here Cerise is used in Architecture and Interior Design:
A Frozen Yogurt shop in Manhattan - Flavaboom
This is a sunroom designed by Ingrid Fretheim Interiors.  I love the chair and how it pulls in the painting!

A perfect example how less is more in this room designed by Kevin Walsh.

And don't forget, even if they call it honeysuckle, it is pretty close to Cerise!  This is the color of 2011 according to Pantone!

Have a great week everyone and see you next week for D!


B is for Burnt Sienna!

Last week I highlighted color Aubergine since it starts with the letter "A".  You can read more about Aubergine by clicking here.  This weeks color starts with the letter B, Burnt Sienna!

Burnt Sienna is a warm mid brown color according to Wikipedia.  Though Crayola introduced it as a color in 1903, it has long been used as a paint pigment.  The pigment is chemically formed by burning raw sienna - hence the name burnt.  Sienna was actually one of the first pigments used by humans and can be traced back to crave drawings.  It is still used as a staple color in the painters palette. 

In English, we use the word Brown to describe a lot of shades, but other cultures do not have a blanket name for all shades of brown and have to use more descriptive words.  Next time you are looking at a yellow brown, use Burnt Sienna and see where the conversation leads you.  Another neat fact is that Sienna comes from the Italian city Siena.  It is still mined there and you can also find it in the Appalachian Mountains here in the USA.

Burnt Sienna is a great color for your home as it warm up any space:

Check out this neat entertainment center:

Burnt Sienna takes on the versatility of brown and can go with any color.  Brown does not have a complementary color on the color wheel so you never have to worry about it clashing.  Wear it with what ever pieces you love!  Check out these great pieces from Etsy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog for this week's color that starts with B!

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If you need help picking out paint colors for you home, please e-mail at jessica@vervecolor.com!


A is For Aubergine

Last year I wrote a blog for Rachel over at Hue on how paint colors get there name.  You can read the blog by clicking here.  Paint colors are creatively named because it is all about marketing.  But what about just regular color names?  I thought I would take some time in the next few weeks to explore colors, not paint colors, by the alphabet. 

What would be a better place to start than with the letter A?  There are a lot of colors that start with A!  Apricot, Amethyst, Amber, Ash, etc, etc.  One sticks out to me and that is Aubergine.  I am not sure if it is because it is French,  but it sounds so romantic and refined.  It is actually the French and British English word for eggplant.  While I am not a huge fan of eggplant the dish - unless it is fried - I am a huge fan of the the deep shade of violet it represents.

Flickr has a group named The Color Aubergine.  Here are some of my favorite photos from that group:

Etsy of course has many items tagged as the color Aubergine.  Here are a few items:

Here are some great interior design shots that use the color Aubergine:

Ikea is even selling Aubergine in 2012!

What do you think of the color Aubergine?  Do you have a favorite "A" color?  Let me know!

Verve is a color consulting firm that also creates custom artwork and interior design.  E-mail Jessica by clicking here to learn more!


Design Speak in St. Louis!

Here in St. Louis we have a fun, stylish, and friendly network called Design Speak.  It was started by Kimberly Reuther, an interior designer who wanted to get those interested in design into the same venue.  There is a cheerful online venue that you can check out anytime from anywhere at http://www.designspeakstl.com/.

Design Speak also gets us out once a month from behind our computers and into a real life venue.  Last month it was Cafe Pintxos.  Cafe Pintxos is connected to the new Hotel Ignaico.  I had never been to either and was very impressed by level of quality design features in both places.  My personal favorite touch they did was use local artists for all of the artwork through both spaces. 

If you are ever planning a trip to St. Louis (and you should because there are lots of interesting places to see and events to go to all year round), I highly recommend staying here!

If you are in the St. Louis area, you should come out and see us on our monthly outings!  Tonight we will be at Vin de Set from 5:30 to 8!  I hope to see you there! 


Design Expo Update + New Artwork

The Design Expo at Niche was a success!  I met a lot of new people and saw some incredible art, jewelry, and furniture!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support me, who stopped my station, and to those of you who purchased!  

Here is what my station looked like:

Two of my other favorites from the show were Kristen Becker Designs and Aaron Bunse Photography.  You should check out their websites if you have a chance.  Both are very talented.  You can also see as well as purchase their creations at Niche on a regular basis.

As I said in my last post I was going to reveal a new line at the show.  It went over as well as I had hoped at the Expo and I am excited to show it to you now!

What you are looking at are stained glass Rose windows from European Cathedrals turned into line drawings and then printed out on paint samples.  They are all digital created by me and then cut out and framed.  I love these because there are so many directions to take them and can be custom done on ANY color!  Every time I look at one I see a new pattern and they seem to have endless movement for my eyes.  I will be posting them on Etsy soon, both as framed and just prints.  They work the best as either 5x5 or 8x8.

If you like them and want to get a print, you do not need to wait till they are on Etsy.  Please e-mail me with colors of the room they will be going in and we can work together to find the perfect solution for your space.  

Last weekend my cousin got married at one of the most beautiful churches in St. Louis.  It was a fantastic wedding and she really looked like Cinderella.  For their wedding gift I took pictures of stained glass windows in the church and created pieces like the ones shown above.  I printed three of them on to their wedding colors.  Hopefully it will be a lasting gift and a little piece of that church to remind them of their special day.  Congrats again to Lauren and Brian! 

I can generally contact a church for photos of their stain glass windows, so if you have a wedding coming up and are looking for a unique wedding gift send me an e-mail and we can work out a custom cost effective gift! 


Design Expo @ Niche 6.30.2011

I cannot believe it has already been a year since the last Design Expo!  You can read about last years by clicking here

I am going to be in it again this year and have lots of new artwork to show case.  I am pretty excited to show you it, but I am going to wait to unvail it at the show, so stay tuned if you are not in the STL area.  If you are in the STL area, please come and support me at Niche next Thursday, 6.30.2011. 

There will be Pi Pizza there.  If you have never had Pi, you need to come only for that reason!  It is very yummy pizza!! 

I am also show casing some of my Etsy artwork on Handmade 10 website.  I am part of the "Promotional Frenzy Team" and we are in a contest this week and need your votes to win!  Please go to this like and "like" us on facebook!  Thanks for the help!!


PPG Color Trends for the Home 2011 & 2012

PPG Porter Paints hosted a color trend seminar here in St. Louis recently.  I had the pleasure of attending and enjoyed hearing about the trends as well as meeting new people. 

Every year PPG puts out four color schemes that they see as trendy or are popular at the moment.  I liked the slogan this year of "Our color choices are more and more about what make us happy."  I wholeheartedly agree as I am seeing that trend with my color consultant clients.  I do think it is interesting that the colors that make us happy are also trendy.  I'll talk about that more in a bit, but first let me introduce the color schemes for this year to you.

First up is Instinct:

They said this one is "a mix of ethic exoticism and modern sophistication."  It feels cozy and natural with the warm grays.  The names of the paints are gypsum, chaparral, Oregon trail (I love that name), silver bells, and cracked slate.  Hum, I see some new drawings for my Etsy Shop... :)

Next is Glamour:

It is described as " a mixture of glorious neutrals inspired by the most noble materials, the mysterious appeal of black and the strong power of red."  I would say it is 1940's chic.  Very dramatic and gilded.  The paint color names for this scheme are rum runner (made me laugh out loud), almond cream, angel food (reminds me of my sister Jenny), Umber beam (huh?), and dark as night (don't need to see the paint chip for that one, do ya?)

The third is New Bohemia:

It has/is "floral inspiration, mix of modern and craft, and bucolic femininity."  I must admit, I had to look up bucolic.  In case you were like me, bucolic is defined as an adjective - Of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.  It makes sense, the softer side of country decor.  I think I would describe it as an urban take on happy country style.  The paint colors that make it up are Aqua fiesta, green wave, hat box brown, happy trails, and red cedar.  Perfect names to go with this theme, don't you think?

The last style is Upcycle:

Porter describes it as, "bright accents mix with wooden tones and stone on concrete textures."  The warm browns definitely ground a color similar to Pantones color of the year for 2010.  Adventure, Chalkware 3, Gold Buff 2, Allspice, and Brown Basket.  Very interesting - I love the names of paint!

So what do you think of these themes?  Which one do you gravitate towards?

I think it is interesting that one of my clients just finish a living room in the New Bohemia scheme and I have had another one recently do the Instinct scheme.  I did not know these named trends when we were selecting the paint and decor items.  I find it fascinating that we put together their rooms based on what both of them wanted - what made both of the happy.  It makes me wonder though, which comes first - the color people love or the trend?  And then it gets into the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?  I know there is a method behind how colors get selected years before the season by such committees as the Color Marketing Group, but it is an odd feeling know that what you selected was actually a trend.  As long as my clients are happy, it doesn't really matter I suppose!