2011 Easter Centerpieces!

Although snow is still falling in St. Louis, Easter is right around the corner. In fact I just saw an ad for a new Easter themed movie, Hop. Hop looks colorful, cute, and family friendly!

So if you are preparing a family fest on Easter, I wanted to make sure I helped you out by giving you a little inspiration for Easter Centerpieces for your table. I went to Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Phillips Furniture to find all new accessories to compile a few different looks that you can replicate for your own Easter gathering.  Here are a few centerpieces I came up with:

The over sized eggs are hanging from the chandler, but I couldn't fit it all in one photo.

Those are fuzzy chick-a-dees under the flowers.

I liked this one, but it needed the bunny :)

Rather than candles, why not eggs?

These bowls are made of magazine pages.  Lots of colors to choose from for the center.  I think deep purple and red dyed eggs would look great in them too!

I loved this Bunny! 

I "hop" this helped you coming up with your own Easter Centerpiece!  Don't forget coordinating place mats, napkins, and napkin rings help add character to your table top as well.  If you need help creating a look for you Easter Gathering, send me an e-mail.  I would be happy to help you go shopping for the perfect accessories. 


The Off White Wedding Show!

Sunday, March 20th, was the Off White Wedding Show that I had been blogging about.  It was such a good time!  A big thanks needs to be given to Brea - who put on the show -  and Tracy Fisher and Judy Roberts who helped me out all day! 

I met a lot of great Brides-to-Be and even some wishing to soon to be Brides-to-Be!  It is never too early to start planning!  

Here is what my booth looked like:

The main two colors that kept coming up in our conversations were deep purple and orange.  I love both colors and are excited to hear that Brides are using them!  Remember, you can use your favorite color no matter the season just by changing the intensity of it and adding complimentary accent colors.  It is all about the right accents to pull it into spring, summer, fall, or winter.  

If you are a Bride to Be or know a Bride who could I help ease the process of coordinating the right colors for the wedding day, please e-mail me by clicking here.

If you are looking for a great gifts, table number artwork, and customized cards, please e-mail me by clicking here.

People loved the storyboards I had at the show so I thought I would put them up for you to view:

We also met a lot of great vendors!  Please check out this link to check them all out as they all were unique and would provide a great value to the your wedding. 

Thank you to all who attended!  I hope to hear from you soon!

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Weddings - Free Ticket Giveaway to Off White Wedding!

On March 20th from 11-4, Verve will be at the Off White Wedding Show to help brides color coordinate their special day! Will you be there?  Would you like to be there for FREE?  Verve has TWO tickets to giveaway, a $20 value!  To win them, leave a comment below!  Just say hi, tell me about your wedding day stresses, why you love your hubby to be, or about anything else you want to share!  A winner will be chosen at random using Random.org on Thursday at 10:00pm central time.  Good luck!!


Weddings - Inspiration meet Solution

The Spring Season is trying to spring and love is in the air.  Verve is shifting with the seasons and bringing you a blog series on weddings.  My last post, Weddings - Get Inspired, I showed you a little of my own wedding and explained the inspiration behind it.  Most importantly, I showed how I made my planning process easier with a story board to give to all the vendors.  This post I want to explain how you can apply the same "rules" to your wedding and give you an example of how Verve can make your planning process easier.

Because, really, at the end of the day no bride should end up feeling like this:

Some people start searching for inspiration from wedding sites.  I recommend not starting at wedding only sites or blogs.  Not only can wedding sites be very overwhelming at first, they are also based on weddings that already happened.  If you start there, you will just be trying to copy someones wedding and not creating your own with your own personalities shining through.  Everyone is different, and so should be every wedding. 

I recommend finding inspiration from a favorite something of yours.  A favorite place, a favorite movie, a favorite photo.  Once you have something picked out, you have something tangible that has a certain feeling and certain colors to always draw back too. 

Take this photo I found using Flickr.com.

I was drawn to the way the photo was composed, the fall scenery, and the colors of it.

From this photo I choose a main color and three coordinating colors for all of the details that go into a wedding.  I then found a bridesmaid dress, a cake, and centerpiece of flowers that would all tie back to the feeling and colors of the photo.  

All of the details can be found on the wedding sites and it makes looking at the wedding only sites much easier.  When you know what you are looking for you can turn on your tunnel vision and weed through other weddings to find details that will work for your wedding.

And then, poof, just like that I have a story board to give to the florist, the bakery, the bridesmaids, my mom who is helping me plan everything, my sometimes clueless groom, and everyone else that needs to be involved.  Everyone can now see the feeling and look I am trying to achieve on my wedding day thanks to my clear visual communication tool in my wedding storyboard.  All this makes for a happy bride.

To get help forming your storyboard, please send me, Jessica of Verve, an e-mail at jessica@vervecolor.com.   I have a color questionnaire to help start the process and am excited to get to help you start planning your wedding day.  You can also come and see me in person March 20th at the Off White Wedding Show

The foundation for Verve is interior design.  To learn more about interior design through Verve, check out this post.