Artan Hill Color Part 1

My soon to be Mother-In-Law, Julia, is moving her office and home into this old church rectory.  She will be calling it Artan Hill and is planning on moving June 1st.

Isn't this a neat building?  One thing it does not lack is character. Built at the turn of the 20th century, all of the woodwork is original and in excellent shape.  Nuns lived in it until 2 years ago, so you know there aren't a lot of modern updates to ruin the historical feel of the building.  As it stands now, the building needs a little TLC, but Julia isn't scared off by a little renovation!  Eager to create a comfortable environment for her clients (she owns and operates a Counseling Service), employees, and her family she is gearing up for a little labor of love.  

As you can see there are some great features to the building.  The entry way, what I'll call the great room with the fireplace, and the dinning room all have the wonderful woodwork on the walls and ceiling.

The kitchen is going to need the most help, but our visit was not long enough to tackle it all at once.

What we did get to tackle was the paint color that will be used throughout the building as the neutral color and I wanted to walk you through the process.  Picking out color can be tricky.  You have to be patient and talk it out because color is a pretty personal thing.  I ask a lot of questions and I love to take all of the answers I get to determine the right colors.

What we did first was talk about what feeling Julia wanted for the rooms.  She wanted warm and inviting, but nothing that was loud or in your face.  I agreed completely, in this type of building the color of the walls should fade away and let the woodwork do the talking.

Next up, we started going through the paint fan of colors and held them up to the woodwork.  It was easy to narrow it to the family of shades we thought went well.  It typically is.  It is when you get to the "detail" of the color and finding the right shade in the family that gets a little tricky. I think even more so in this case because the rooms will be dominated by the woodwork that has a red hue.  If the warm and inviting color turns out to have too much green, blue, or gray in it, the whole room could feel dirty and off.  

After we found the colors in the fan deck, we picked out larger ones to put against the wall.  From there we got a pretty good idea of where to go.  BUT before I make any final color choices, I repeat, BEFORE a final color is picked, I encourage Julia to order the bigger sheets and wait to see what she feels like with those up against the wall.  

At the moment, we are in favor of Compatible Cream by Sherwin Williams.  The sublet yellow tones warms up the walls without competing with it.  Can you pick it out in the picture??

Yup, it's the second from the left.

Stay tuned for the kitchen redo and the grand reveal of the space!

What do you think of our choice?  What do you think of the process?  How do you pick out paint color?

If you are coming up on a project and would like help, please contact me.  I would love to aid you in your color adventures!  My e-mail is jessica@vervecolor.com.

Have a colorful day!

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